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Children and Adolescents

Is your child struggling with academic, emotional or behavioral issues?  Are you seeing changes in your child that concern you?  Changes in behavior, attitude, concentration, a decline in school performance, problems in relationships, with friends, or making poor choices?

Any of these issues can cause significant family conflict also.  These issues can also indicate underlying stress, depression, anxiety or a learning problem.  Family therapy can be critical to help improve any of these issues.

By talking with a therapist, the concerns about your child and family can be explored and properly evaluated.  Therapy can help to evaluate what the problem is and to help your family and child to have a better understanding of why they are experiencing these problems.

Counseling can help improve symptoms for all involved.  Please call me so that we can discuss how counseling may be able to help you, your family and your child.

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Over 20 years providing counseling services in Oakland County, Michigan to the areas surrounding
Birmingham, Clarkston, Commerce, Farmington Hills, Livonia, Milford, Novi, Plymouth, Southfield, Waterford and West Bloomfield.