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Are you struggling with emotions that interfere with your ability to feel happiness and a sense of well-being?  Are you dealing with feelings or circumstances that negatively impact your daily life?

Making the decision to seek counseling services can be a very difficult one, as we want to believe “we can handle it”. Acknowledging an issue and reaching out for help is the first step toward feeling better.

In more than 20 years providing therapy to adults, adolescents and families, I have had many opportunities to work together with people for a very positive outcome with significantly improved symptoms and improved mental health.

Issues that I can help you with include:

Marriage and Family   Relationship Issues
Depression             Anxiety

Grief and Loss   Children and Adolescents
Post-Partum Depression   Personal Issues

Please contact me so we can discuss how counseling can be helpful to you.  I offer a free telephone consultation to discuss your concerns.

Contact me now for a phone consultation at no cost.
Let's discuss how I can help you.

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Over 20 years providing counseling services in Oakland County, Michigan to the areas surrounding
Birmingham, Clarkston, Commerce, Farmington Hills, Livonia, Milford, Novi, Plymouth, Southfield, Waterford and West Bloomfield.